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BeefandLamb.com.au - the home of beef and lamb for Australians.

Welcome to BeefandLamb.com.au. Here you'll find information, recipes and nutritional facts about Australian beef and lamb.

We aim to make it easy to find the recipe or inspiration you need to cook delicious and nutritious meals for you and your family.

Whether it's a warm and comforting casserole meal, or you’re firing up the barbecue to feed a crowd – there's something here for you.

If you'd like to order copies of our magazines, brochures or eating plans please call 1800 550 018, alternatively you can read them online here.

BeefandLamb.com.au is brought to you by Meat & Livestock Australia, the marketing, research and development service company for Australia’s cattle and sheep producers.

We hope you enjoy your visit, if you have any queries or comments please contact us and don't forget to join BeefandLamb.com.au community while you are here.


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