Keeping school lunches fresh

Keeping school lunches fresh

Healthy and tasty, fresh and safe to eat, that’s what we want for kid’s school lunches. To help keep their lunches safe and free from harmful bacteria there are a few food safety tips you can use in preparing and packing school lunches.

Safety tips for preparing school lunches

There are just a few simple rules when it comes to preparing school lunches.

  • Always wash your hands in hot soapy water for about 30 seconds before preparing the food.
  • Keep the kids hands clean too. Place a disposable wipe in a small plastic bag, and encourage your child to wipe their hands before eating their lunch each day.
  • Make lunches using fresh ingredients, cold from the fridge.
  • Avoid packing perishable food that has just been cooked, such as meatloaf or boiled eggs. Such food should always be cooled in the refrigerator first.
  • Keep packed lunches in the fridge until leaving for school.
  • Lunches can be made safely ahead of time (the previous night) provided they are then kept in the fridge. Wrap them well, refrigerate overnight and place in the lunchbox the following morning,

Keeping school lunches cool is easy

It’s important to keep school lunches cool so the food remains fresh, tasty and appealing but most importantly, SAFE to eat.

  • Use insulated lunch boxes or coolers, and frozen gel or brick coolers.
  • Freeze a drink bottle containing water, place in a watertight plastic bag, and include with the lunch.

If it’s difficult to keep the food cold, or you know the children are not keeping their school bags in a cool, spot don't include highly perishable food in their lunches (foods that you would normally keep in the fridge).

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