How to tie a beef or lamb roast

Tying a beef or lamb roast gives some cuts a more uniform shape which helps the meat cook evenly. You can ask your butcher or meat retailer to tie your roast or use our easy tips below to do it yourself

What to use when tying a roast

Use a medium-weight, natural, undyed, all cotton string when tying a beef or lamb roast. Cooking bands are a great alternative to string and can be brought from speciality cookware stores. They’re heat resistant, easy to use, oven safe and re-usable.

How to tie a beef or lamb roast

  1. Pre-cut short lengths of string.
  2. Run each length of string under the meat and bring the two loose ends together.
  3. Cross the two ends over and tie a tight knot. Make it snug but not so tight that the string cuts into the beef or lamb during cooking.
  4. Continue to tie each piece of string at 5cm intervals along the beef or lamb roast.

Tips for tying different cuts of meat

  • Eye fillet/tenderloin – tuck the narrow end of the fillet in so that the meat a consistent thickness. Tie the meat with short pieces of string at 5cm intervals. Snip any silver skin with scissors to stop the fillet from bowing or buckling during cooking.
  • Standing rib roast – tie a short length of string between the spaces of each rib bone and tie with a double knot. This will stop the outer layer of meat coming away from the inner layer (the rib-eye muscle) as it cooks.
  • Boned or semi boned leg or boned shoulder of lamb (with stuffing) – Gently press the meat and stuffing into a neat package. Tuck in any loose pieces of meat. Tie four lengths of string evenly along the width. Take two longer lengths of string and tie diagonally.

Meat cuts that can benefit from tying

  • Beef - eye fillet/tenderloin rib eye/scotch fillet, standing rib roast
  • Veal - shoulder, boned and rolled loin, rack and fillet
  • Lamb - boned shoulder or boned leg, easy carve leg, boned and rolled loin and lamb mini roast

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