Meat Standards Australia (MSA)

Find out how the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system helps you buy and cook the best quality beef and lamb.

Meat Standards Australia – making it easy to choose the best cuts of beef and lamb 

The Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Graded logo is a symbol of quality you can trust when buying and cooking Australian beef and lamb. So look for the symbol to identify cuts of beef and lamb that will always be tender.

What is Meat Standards Australia?

MSA is an independent meat grading system designed to help you select quality beef and lamb. The MSA system was developed by 100,000 consumers who tasted and rated 700,000 beef and lamb samples so we could identify the key factors from the farm to plate that deliver tender, tasty cuts every time. 

Watch how MSA helps you put delicious beef and lamb meals on the table: 

Why is it so important to match a cut of beef and lamb with a cooking method?

The cooking method is very important when selecting a cut of beef or lamb. Different cuts have different attributes that influence how tender and juicy they are when cooked. The MSA grading system grades each cut for a number of suitable cooking methods allowing consumers to easily identify the best cut for a particular cooking method. Most retailers display beef and lamb already cut to the recommended cooking method, i.e. a steak should be grilled and a roast, roasted.

Find out more about different cuts of beef and lamb and which cooking method to use for each.

How does the Meat Standards Australia grading system work?

For cuts of beef and lamb to be MSA graded, certain standards must be maintained from the paddock to the plate. MSA certified graders use information gathered throughout the production and processing phase to determine a grade for each cut based on the key factors known to influence their eating quality. Only cuts that meet MSA specifications can be sold as MSA graded.

Watch what it takes for beef and lamb to be MSA graded:

How is Meat Standards Australia beef and lamb produced?

The MSA system starts on the farm with farmers taking great care with welfare, management and transport practices. A beautiful, juicy steak or a tender, tasty roast can only happen if certain practices are carried out on the farm.

Watch the key factors on the farm that result in great tasting beef and lamb:

Where can I buy Meat Standards Australia graded beef and lamb?

Look for cuts carrying the MSA Graded symbol. MSA graded beef and lamb is available nationally at retail, foodservice, and wholesale outlets. If your butcher or supermarket does not display the MSA Graded symbol, ask for it by name. 

Find a licenced butcher, supermarket or restaurant near you

What about cuts without the Meat Standards Australia Graded symbol?

Australian beef and lamb is produced to the highest standards in the world. Most suppliers use elements of the MSA system when they produce beef and lamb to achieve a consistent quality beef and lamb.

How do I know the MSA grading system is credible?

MSA is the world’s largest meat quality grading system based on actual consumer research. The program has been operating for over 15 years and operates under ISO quality system accreditation (ISO9001/2008). All licensed members of the MSA program who use the MSA symbol are independently audited.

Find out more detailed information about the MSA grading system

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