How to use roast beef leftovers and roast lamb leftovers

Sandwiches, wraps and rolls are terrific options for a feast, made from leftover roast beef or roast lamb, other ideas include easy salads and quick one-dish meals. Be inspired by these ideas.

Ten top ideas using leftover roast beef or lamb

  1. Mix with refried beans for burritos or a quesadilla filling.
  2. Slice the beef or lamb thinly and toss with the rice and vegetables for a great homemade fried rice.
  3. Make into fritters with a savoury pancake mix.
  4. Make potpies – combine chopped meat, leftover roast vegetables (or frozen veggies) and leftover gravy. Top pie with mash or puff pastry.
  5. Slice the beef or lamb thinly and toss through stir-fried noodles and vegetables.
  6. Add chopped meat to a clear beef stock and veggie soup or minestrone soup.
  7. Make into bubble and squeak patties with leftover roast veggies.
  8. Make a zesty Thai inspired salad and serve thinly sliced beef or lamb in lettuce cups.
  9. Wrap with strips of cucumber and fresh mint and basil leaves in rice paper rolls.
  10. Toss chopped or sliced through couscous cooked with Moroccan spice mix, add currants, grated lemon rind and lots chopped parsley and mint.
  11. Dice and combine with left over veggies and some diced tomato and onion for a delicious Cornish pastie filling
  12. Dice and add your favourite curry sauce for a super fast curry.

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