How to match cuts with the best cooking methods

Whether you are a novice cook or an experienced one this chart is sure to be useful. You can see at a glance the red meat cuts with their best cooking method. 

Download the cuts and cooking method chart here

Once you have selected the best cut for your chosen cooking method, download this essential guide. A practical guide to cooking Australian beef and lamb will help you turn those great red meat cuts into meal time success every time. Download the guide here.


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From The Community

May 15, 2015 #

Brilliant concise chart on cuts and recommended cooking methods! Thanks to all the staff who helped me with information prior to the AIFST PDIG "Meeting your Meat" event.

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Susan Poole-Johnson
Jun 07, 2014 #

Thank you for posting this chart for beef and lamb cuts and the appropriate cooking methods for each cut! Much appreciated.

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