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Best cuts for 30 minute meals

Oyster blade is a good value beef steak with a great flavour.

Vietnamese noodle and beef salad

Beef, veggie and noodle stir-fry

Lamb round or topside leg steaks are versatile, they make a flavoursome lamb stir-fry cut or steak.

Lamb, tomato and avocado open sandwich

Moroccan spiced barbecued lamb steaks

The number of beef mince options available means that you can choose the best fit for your burger recipes based on health, meal type or budget.

Gourmet beef burgers with blue cheese

Beef rissoles with mozzarella

Sirloin steaks are deliciously juicy, they can be pan-fried, cooked on a char-grill plate or pan, or barbecue.

Rosemary steak with a stir-fry of vegetables

Beef sirloin steak with mushroom ragout

Buying tips

  1. Shop for non-perishable food first. Shop for meats last, and use an insulated shopping bag (particularly in hot weather) to keep meat cold.
  2. Buy seasonally, produce will be fresher, cheaper and of the best quality. Take advantage of red meat specials too.

Not sure, which cut to choose? Check out How to match red meat cuts with best cooking methods

Tips & Techniques

How to speed things up in the kitchen

  • Pack meat for a quick thaw – when freezing mince, put it in a ziplock bag and flatten it to as thin as possible to reduce thawing time
  • Plan ahead – so you can do a weekly shop rather than ducking to the shops every day
  • Use quick hot cooking methods – make pan-frying or BBQing you method of choice when you are struggling for time
  • Skip the peeling – Keep the skins on carrots and spuds to saves time and nutrients as well.
  • Cheat (!) – use tinned vegies, par cooked rice, pre-chopped vegies or fresh pasta.
  • Get the kids to help
  • Use simple recipes using methods you know

Get the pantry organised

Check out what you have and make a list of the basics that you might be missing for those quick meals you know and love. Add a few special ingredients and build up your pantry stores from there.

Fresh veggies like beans, potatoes and pumpkin, as well as rice, pasta, canned tomatoes and sauces like soy, are everyday ingredients that combine easily with beef or lamb to make deliciously good family meals.

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