Beef 15 minute meals

Quick and easy Beef recipes that actually take 15 minutes

Butcher Advice

Before you get cooking, here’s some Butcher tips that will help make sure your Beef 15 minute meals turn out perfectly every time.

  • Satay Skewers - cut the rump into large 2-3cm cubes so they don’t dry out during cooking

Beef satay skewers with couscous

  • Mince dishes generally need some fat for maximum flavour. Extra lean mince can dry out and the meat will crumble during cooking. It’s best to use mid-range quality mince for these dishes.
  • Meatballs also need a little fat to help transfer the heat all the way through whi9le cooking. Again, use a lean mid-range quality mince for the Meatballs and Zucchini Noodles

Tips & Techniques

Before you hit the kitchen, check out these simple cooking tips.

  • For the Beef rump dishes, cook your rump with the fat on for the best flavour. Once cooked, you can choose to remove the fat before slicing and serving.

Rump steak with mushroom sauce and baby potatoes

Beef yellow capsicum and snow pea stir fry

BBQ beef beetroot and chickpea salad

Soft shell beef tacos

  • Make sure you slice the meat across the grain
  • Cook rump steaks in one piece to help retain the moisture. Then rest the steak for a few minutes and remove the fat before slicing across the grain

Try our loaded Sweet potato fries with rump strips

  • Cook the beef for the Asian stir fry quickly on a high heat in small batches to avoid boiling the beef strips.

Try this delicious Asian Beef stir-fry, ready in just 15 minutes.


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