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Healthy beef tips and recipes

Butcher Advice

The best cuts for healthy eating

When selecting beef look for leaner cuts such as eye fillet, rump steak and blade steak. For other cuts of beef look for those with the least amount of visible marbling and trim most of the external fat.

Warm beef salad with grape and feta 

Spiced beef rump medallions with Asian slaw and black broth

Star anise and orange glazed beef blade roast

Think about your portion size

The steaks you find in butchers and supermarkets can vary in weight and size. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, a serve of beef should fit in the palm of your hand which equates to around 100g of raw meat and 65g cooked. Ask your butcher to cut your steaks into 100g portions as part of a balanced meal.

Choose healthy ways to cook your beef

There are several ways you can make your beef meal healthier during the cooking process.

  1. Reduce the amount of oil you use in the pan, instead oil the meat.
  2. Mix up your cooking methods. Barbecuing, char-grilling and stir fry are just 3 ways of many to achieve a healthy beef meal.
  3. When braising or slow cooking, skim any excess fat off the top of the pot. 

Beef and lemongrass stir fry

Vietnamese grilled beef salad

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    What makes you better on beef?

    There’s no doubt about it, you’re better on beef. Packed with 13 essential nutrients, beef contains more iron, zinc and protein than fish, chicken or pork.

    Iron found in beef:

    The type of iron found in beef (haem iron) is best absorbed by the body.

    • For your body to absorb the same amount of iron from 100g cooked beef, you will need to eat 4.5 cups of boiled spinach

    How does beef make you better?

    The essential nutrients found in beef play an important role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The most critical being:


    The iron in beef gives you energy to get through each day.

    • Produces energy from the food we eat
    • Helps beat fatigue
    • A healthy immune system


    As well as being crucial for brain power, zinc plays the largest role of all nutrients and keeps your body at optimal functionality. The zinc in beef:

    • Helps your vision
    • Aids fertility and reproduction
    • Leaves your hair lustrous, skin bright and nails strong
    • Normal skin structure and wound healing


    Not just for fitness fanatics, protein is one of the vital basic building blocks of the human body. Allowing for:

    • Normal growth and development
    • Building muscle, bones and other body parts 

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