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Best cuts for the slow simmering

Beef chuck is inexpensive and readily available in both butchers and supermarkets. Slow cooking makes it succulent and very tender.

Beef, potato & tomato curry

Slow cooked beef ragu


Osso bucco is traditionally veal, but beef osso bucco is also widely available, veal pieces are generally smaller and mild in flavour.

Osso bucco

Veal with anchovies and capers


When you cook with meaty bone-in pieces like lamb shanks both the meat and the bones contribute rich and robust flavour.

Braised lamb shanks with Thai red curry sauce

Lamb and bean soup


Goatmeat can be treated much like lamb. It is lean and low in fat and suits methods like casseroling. The cuts are all very similar to lamb; leg and leg cuts, rump, loin, rack, shoulder and diced goatmeat are all available.

Goat curry

Spicy marmalade goat shanks

Buying tips

  1. Consider the time you have and your choose your slow simmer cut from there. Some cuts like beef topside or beef round take less time to cook.
  2. You can see at a glance the beef and lamb cuts with their best cooking methods in this handy chart.

Tips & Techniques

Slow simmer in the oven or on the cooktop

A mid-sized, deep sided enamelled cast-iron saucepan is a good all-round choice, it’s great for the cooktop, as well as for use in the oven.

Essential slow cook steps

  1. Coat the meat with oil rather than adding oil to the pan so the meat browns well.
  2. Brown the meat in small batches. Keep the heat at medium-high. Remove meat from pan, add the liquid and bring liquid to the boil.
  3. Reduce the heat to low, so the liquid is at simmering point before returning the browned meat to the pan.
  4. Check that the dish simmers gently during cooking. Stir occasionally and adjust the heat if needed.

Do you know what ‘simmer’ is?

The gentle heat of simmering is used to draw the full flavour out of foods. A simmer is when small amounts of tiny bubbles rise to the surface of the cooking liquid.

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