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Best cuts for dinner recipes

Beef chuck is inexpensive and readily available in both butchers and supermarkets. Slow cooking makes it succulent and very tender.

Mum’s best beef casserole

Braised soy, ginger & honey beef

Rump steaks are lean and full-flavoured, delicious as steaks and terrific for stir-fry strips .

Beef stir-fry with capsicum and snow peas

Barbecued rump steak with tomato salsa

Easy carve lamb legs make a terrific family roast. A 1kg leg will cook in under an hour and feed 4-6.

Roast lamb with roasted tomatoes and asparagus

Slow-roasted cumin scented lamb & herb salad

Beef or lamb mince are both so versatile, good for a sauce, burgers, meatballs and more.

Beef rissoles with herbs

Lamb chilli con carne

Goatmeat can be treated much like lamb. It is lean and low in fat and suits methods like casseroling.

Goat curry

Spicy marmalade goat shanks

Buying tips

  1. Shop for non-perishable food first. Shop for meats last, and use an insulated shopping bag (particularly in hot weather) to keep meat cold.
  2. Buy seasonally, produce will be fresher, cheaper and of the best quality. Plan ahead to take advantage of red meat specials too.

Tips & Techniques

Recipes for dinner ... clever tips make it easy

  • Did you know one of the best beef cuts for making a casserole is chuck or topside? Or that you can prepare your own lamb stir-fry strips from lamb round or topside. Like to know more, then check out How to match red meat cuts with best cooking methods
  • It takes a bit of planning but frozen meat is best thawed in the fridge. Steaks (about 3 cm thick) will take about 12 hours or overnight. If time is short use the microwave oven on defrost setting. Cook the thawed steaks immediately.
  • Slow simmered dishes are a busy cook’s saviour.  They’re great to make ahead of time; in fact, they taste even better the next day. A good idea is to make one on the weekend and then enjoy it later as a weeknight meal.

Ideas for dinner

When it comes to preparing fuss-free recipes for dinner, a little pre-planning goes a long way.

  • Start out by having basic staples like pasta, rice, noodles and potatoes in the cupboard.
  • Keep canned tomatoes, beef stock and a few flavoursome sauces like soy on hand.
  • Fresh herbs, garlic and a few lemons are always useful to give a meal a little extra zing.
  • Team them with beef or lamb you’ll have dinner on the table in next to no time.

Making every bite count

Looking for some recipe inspiration for you and your family? Then you'll love these delicious and nutritious recipes the whole family will enjoy. With step-by-step pictures on how to adapt the one family meal into the different stages for your babies' development - no need to make multiple meals! How to make every bite count

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