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Best cuts for Eat well for less recipes

Oyster blade steaks are a value beef cut with a great flavour, excellent as a steak, or in salads and stir-fries.

Vietnamese noodle and beef salad

Beef, veggie and noodle stir-fry

Easy beef stroganoff

Lamb forequarter or forequarter chops can be diced into cubes for use in a succulent curry.

Lamb curry with kumara and spinach

Lamb korma curry

Beef blade is great for a family roast and for entertaining; slow roast it at 160ºC.

Roast beef with mustard and thyme

Roast beef with balsamic onions and a red wine juice

Corned silverside and corned girella/ eye of silverside are good value cuts. Corned meats are great for sandwiches too!

Traditional corned beef

Corned silverside with mustard pumpkin sauce

Buying tips

  1. Buy seasonally, produce will be fresher, cheaper and of the best quality.
  2. Take advantage of red meat specials too.
  3. Plan the weekly meals and always shop with a shopping list to avoid impulse buys.

Tips & Techniques

Eat well for less...clever tips make it easy

  • Did you know some of the best beef cuts for making a casserole are chuck or topside? Or that you can prepare your own stir-fry strips from lamb round or beef topside, its much cheaper than buying pre-cut stir-fry strips

Like to know more, then check out How to match red meat cuts with best cooking methods

  • It takes a bit of planning but frozen meat is best thawed in the fridge. If time is short use the microwave oven on defrost setting. Cook the thawed meat immediately. How to freeze and defrost meat
  • Slow simmered dishes are inexpensive way to feed a family or a crowd. There also great to make ahead of time; in fact, they taste even better the next day. A good idea is to make one on the weekend and then enjoy it later as a weeknight meal. How to reheat meat dishes in the microwave

Get the pantry organised

Check out what you have and make a list of the basics that you might be missing. Add a few special ingredients when they are on special and build up your pantry stores from there.

Fresh veggies like beans, potatoes and pumpkin, as well as rice, pasta, canned tomatoes and sauces like soy, are everyday ingredients that combine easily with beef or lamb to make deliciously good family meals.

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