Beef and lamb recipes for entertaining

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Butcher Advice

Best cuts for beef and lamb entertaining recipes

Beef and lamb mince is extremely economical. From mini meatballs and burgers to meaty sausage rolls, you’ll find mince a very versatile, very tasty choice.

Beef, chilli and potato empanadas with tomato relish

Lamb pastries with allspice, tomato and pine nuts

Diced beef and lamb is perfect for entertaining. Both can be put onto skewers with a tasty marinade and cooked on the BBQ or try using it in mini pies for your guests.

Mini lamb souvlaki

Little beef and onion pot pies with mushy peas

Lamb shoulder or leg are both great cuts for entertaining as you can feed a large crowd with one piece of meat.

Pear and sage lamb sliders

BBQ lamb and roast vegetable salad with tahini and dukkah

Buying tips for beef and lamb entertaining recipes

  1. Impress for less- if you have a budget to stick to, try buying more economical cuts like mince, loin chops and chuck.
  2. Make sure you select the right beef and lamb cut for the cooking method you are going to use. For help with this ask your local butcher.
  3. When purchasing your meat, ask your butcher for any cooking tips for the cut you are buying.


Tips & Techniques

Tips for using beef and lamb in nibbles

  1. Choose lean cuts of beef and lamb.
  2. When meat dishes are to be served cold, you want very little fat on the meat.
  3. Cook the meat to no more than a medium degree of doneness to ensure it remains juicy.
  4. If meat is cooked in advance, keep in mind safe handling practices.
  5. Keep the cooked meat in the fridge until ready to serve. 
  6. Slice the cooked meat just before using to ensure it stays moist.
  7. Slice the meat thinly so it’s easy to eat and sits well on or with the other ingredients.
  8. Do not keep leftover nibbles, if they’ve been out of the fridge for 2 hours or more toss them out.

If it's big, it can be made small - here are some mini twists on some classic combinations

  1. Mini veal saltimbocca- make up as small pieces or rolls of veal with prosciutto and cook on the skewers
  2. Mini lamb kofta Mini beef san choy bow- serve in small endive leaves
  3. Mini lamb burgers with spiced yoghurt
  4. Mini beef meatballs as part of a tapas plate
  5. Mini casseroles or braises- serve in small pastry cases like vols-au-vents

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