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Best cuts for Healthy eating - healthy inspiration recipes

Steaks, be they beef or lamb, take no time at all to whip into a delicious and healthy morsel

Steak with grilled vegetables

Grilled lamb with tahini sauce & pumpkin taboulli


Stir-fry strips are easy to prepare yourself by thinly slicing lean beef or lamb across the grain

Beef, asparagus and mushroom stir-fry

Chilli soy glazed lamb with stir-fried garlic greens


Stews are healthy, hearty and really simple to prepare…all they need is time

Tuscan beef stew 

Moroccan lamb tagine


Salads provide limitless inspiration as a healthy lunch, dinner or barbecue feast

Lamb salad of rocket, cucumber and tahini

Lamb rump steaks with red lentil salad


Buying tips

  • Today, there is a wide choice of trimmed red meat cuts available in supermarkets and butcher shops.
  • When trimmed of visible fat, red meat has less than 4% saturated fat, earning it the Heart Foundation’s Tick of Approval.
  • You can also trim red meat at home before cooking, use a sharp knife and cut away any visible fat.

Tips & Techniques

Cooking tips for healthy eating

  • Trim visible fat before cooking
  • The oil/fat used needs to be unsaturated (olive or canola oil, no butter)
  • Oil the meat and not the pan, using a spray where possible
  • Flavour meals with herbs and spices


Healthy eating with beef and lamb

  • A 100-150g serve of cooked beef or lamb, trimmed of fat is a healthy serving size for men and women.
  • Eating red meat 3 to 4 times a week is an important part of a healthy diet and makes it easy to meet iron and zinc requirements.
  • Serve your meals with plenty of vegetables or salad. Choose a variety of different coloured vegetables.
  • As a guide aim for half your plate to be vegetables or salad, a quarter meat such as beef or lamb and a quarter grains or cereal foods like pasta or rice.


Oil the meat and not the pan

  • Rather than drizzle oil onto the barbecue or into the pan, brush or spray the meat lightly with oil before cooking. If you are flavouring the meat with a dry spice mixture, brush off any excess spice and rub a little oil over the meat before cooking.
  • This gives you better control of the amount of oil being used and ensures the meat doe not stick, but sears properly giving good colour and flavour.


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