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Best cuts for the kid's favourite meals

Beef mince is great for burgers, bolognaise, shepherd’s pie and even a stir-fry.

Unbelievably easy savoury mince

Shepherd’s pie

Lamb cutlets are a favourite with kids as they come with their own easy to use ‘handle’!

Barbecued lamb cutlets

Yummy lamb ‘grazing platter’ for kids

Beef or lamb sausages are a sure-fire winner with children, because they’re tasty and easy to eat.

Beef sausages with tomato, basil and pasta

Beef sausage and spicy tomato casserole

Barbecued beef rump steaks are a good choice for wraps, thinly slice the steak so it rolls easily with the salad and bread.

Barbecued rump steak wrap with corn salsa

Beef fajitas

Buying tips

  1. If you buy sausages in bulk and freeze, freeze in a single layer in meal size portions for easy defrosting.
  2. Loose mince purchased from the butcher is best used within 1 to 2 days of buying it. Uncooked mince can be frozen for 2-3 months.

Tips & Techniques

The temperature of your fridge and freezer is important

Regularly check that both the fridge and freezer operate at these temperatures.

Fridge temperature: 4ºC to 5ºC

Freezer temperature: -15ºC to -18ºC

Cooking tips for barbecuing or pan-frying sausages

  1. Don’t pierce the sausages before, or as they cook you’ll let all the moisture and the flavour out.
  2. Cook them slowly over a moderate heat Cook them over too high a heat and their skins will burst.
  3. Turn them regularly to make sure they cook evenly, and don’t burn.
  4. Sausages must always be cooked through to the centre. You can poach thick sausages before barbecuing to keep them moist and help them cook right through.

Kids in the kitchen

Cooking is a great thing to teach children from an early age. It’s the best way to inspire and teach them about the food they eat. See our guide on ways you can get your kids involved in making a meal.


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