Lamb salad recipes

Top lamb salad recipes

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Best cuts for lamb salad recipes

Lamb fillets are very juicy. Cook them to a medium doneness to enjoy their tenderness in a lamb salad.

Hoisin lamb fillet with green bean and walnut salad

Lamb fillet with a pumpkin, feta and olive

Lamb round or topside steaks are lean lamb cuts. Barbecue or pan-fry, thinly slice and toss with the salad.

Lamb and green bean salad

Lamb stir-fry strips are very handy for a quick lamb salad. Make own from eye of loin/backstrap, round or topside leg steaks.

Warm lamb noodle salad

Thai style lamb salad

Lamb cutlets are perfectly matched with all types of salads. Simply barbecue or char-grill them.

Char-grilled lamb cutlets with bean salad

Chilli lime lamb cutlets with coriander noodle salad

Buying tips for lamb salad recipes

  1. Choose thick-cut lamb steaks. A thick-cut allows you to slice thin, wide, juicy strips that will fold easily with the salad ingredients.
  2. Make sure you select the right lamb cut for the cooking method you are going to use. For help with this check out How to match red meat cuts with best cooking methods
  3. Ask the butcher to trim any fat

Tips & Techniques

Before cooking

  1. Take the meat from the fridge 10 minutes before barbecuing, so it cooks evenly.
  2. Brush the steaks lightly with oil. If you wish, season it with ground salt and pepper.

Essential tips for barbecuing or pan-frying lamb cutlets and steaks      

  1. Preheat the barbecue or char-grill plate to hot or preheat a pan to moderately hot.
  2. Cook the lamb on one side until moisture appears. Use tongs to turn the lamb once only.
  3. Do not cook lamb past a medium degree of doneness
  4. Always rest the lamb after cooking so the lamb retains all of its delicious juices.

Lamb salad recipe tips

  • Slice the lamb thinly so it is easily coated with the dressing.
  • Add the dressing to the salad just before serving; the flavours of the lamb the salad and the dressing remain fresh and flavoursome this way.

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