Mexican beef recipes

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Best cuts for Mexican beef dishes

Beef mince

Beef mince is a great starting point for many Mexican dishes, like nachos or tacos.

Nachos burgers


Beef rump is a clever option for quick braised style Mexican dishes. It can be stir-fried or cubed for a quick braise.

Chilli beef and beans

Mexican beef and bean stir-fry

Oyster blade is lean cut with a good beef flavour. Slice it thinly across the grain for stir-fry strips.

Barbecue fajitas with avocado salsa

Beef fajitas

Buying tips

  1. Shop for non-perishable food first. 

  2. Shop for meats last.

  3. Use an insulated shopping bag (particularly in hot weather) to keep meat cold.

  4. If you intend to cook the meat the day it is purchased, there isn’t any need to take it out of the plastic wrap.

  5. To store the meat for longer, transfer it to a non-plastic dish and cover loosely with foil or plastic wrap.

  6. Keep in mind recommended refrigerator storage times for prepared fresh beef, like mince, strips or diced beef is 2 days.


Tips & Techniques

Plan ahead

Richly flavoured beef mince sauces used in Mexican dishes, can taste even better the next day, because standing lets its flavour develop.

  • Place the hot mince sauce into a shallow container and then into the fridge so it cools quickly.
  • When reheating it is important that the liquid is very hot (bubbling) and the meat is fully heated.

Essential tips

Browning mince for Mexican beef recipes

  1. Cook the mince in a couple of batches - About 250g per batch, this way it will brown well without ‘stewing’ in the pan
  2. Crumble the mince into the pan - It cooks more evenly this way, use a fork to break up lumps.
  3. Cook the mince until any liquid that comes off the mince has evaporated – The mince can then begin to brown.

Use your slow cooker...even in summer

Beef cuts like beef chuck or gravy beef can make a wonderful Mexican meal. A slow cooker is ideal to cook them in, especially in summer, as it does the job without heating up the kitchen.

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