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Beef or lamb mince?

Beef mince

Premium mince, gourmet, lean, best and choice are just some of the terms used by retailers to describe the differing mince categories. Always check the label or ask you butcher about its grade.

Herb and garlic beef burgers

Stir-fried beef mince and vegies served in lettuce cups

Lamb mince

Ask your butcher about the percentage of fat to lamb of the minced lamb being sold. If you’d like lean lamb mince, ask for lamb round or topside mince.

Mini Greek lamb burgers

Lamb chilli con carne

Buying tips

  1. Feel packaging when buying pre-packaged mince to find out if it is still chilled. Check use-by-dates for packaged mince and use well within that time.
  2. Loose mince purchased from the butcher is best used within 1 to 2 days of buying it.

Tips & Techniques

What mince works best with what recipe?

Leanest grades of mince are the preferred choice for health, but the type with slightly higher fat content will give a better result in some recipes.

  1. The leanest mince is the best choice for minced meat sauces like bolognaise.
  2. Mid-range grades of mince with a little more fat are good for burgers, meatballs, kofta and meatloaf. That little bit of extra fat helps keep them moist.
  3. Regular grades of mince are good all purpose choice, just make sure to spoon off the fat as you brown the mince. See How to brown mince for sauce and other dishes NEW

Tips for browning mince for meat sauces

  1. Cook the mince in a couple of batches. About 250g per batch, this way it will brown well.
  2. Crumble the mince into the pan. It cooks more evenly this way, use a fork to break up lumps.
  3. Cook the mince until any liquid that comes off the mince has evaporated. The mince can then begin to brown.
  4. It will begin to cook quickly at this stage, so keep it moving to ensure it browns evenly but doesn’t dry out. Repeat this step with any remaining batches of mince.

Do ahead

Beef mince sauce can taste even better the next day as standing lets its flavour develop. Place the hot mince sauce into a shallow container and then into the fridge so it cools quickly. When reheating it is important that the liquid is very hot (bubbling) and the meat is fully heated.

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