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Best cuts for pasta recipes

Beef mince is the basis of many favourite pasta dishes, like Italian lasagne and Greek pastitsio.


Lasagne ‘pronto’

Boneless shin/gravy beef and other beef casserole cuts are ideal to slow simmer for a succulent, meaty pasta sauce.

Gnocchi with gravy beef in a red wine sauce

Slow cooked beef ragu

Lamb stir-fry strips and sliced lamb fillets are good for quick pasta salads.

Warm lamb pasta salad

Lamb, semidried tomato and vegetable pasta

Beef steaks like rump and oyster blade are a juicy, tender choice for a beef pasta salad

Beef and pasta salad

Beef pasta salad

Buying tips

  1. Ask your butcher or meat retailer if you’re not sure of what beef or lamb cuts suit your meal needs or go to our How to match cuts with the best cooking method page.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask the butcher to trim the fat from steaks, or make mince from your preferred cuts of beef or mince.
  3. For more tips go to our How to purchase and store fresh meat page.

Tips & Techniques

Making a flavoursome bolognaise sauce

  1. Heat a large, deep-sided frypan until moderately hot, cook the mince in small batches, and break up lumps with a fork.
  2. Cook it until any liquid that comes off the mince has evaporated. The mince can then begin to brown.
  3. Reduce the heat to low, and then add onions and garlic to the pan, let them cook until just tender. Then return all the mince to the pan with the sauce ingredients.
  4. The mixture should simmer uncovered for about 45 minutes – if not 25 or 30 minutes will be near as good.

Did you know you should never rinse pasta?

It will not only cool the pasta, it will make it stick.

  • Drain it in colander and give the colander a few shakes.
  • Transfer the pasta back to the cooking pot and add a ladleful of the prepared sauce - a meaty bolognaise is perfect. Stir this through the pasta, it will coat the strands and prevent the pasta sticking.
  • Spoon a little more meat sauce over the top of each serve.

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