Simmering and poaching recipes

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Best cuts for simmering and poaching recipes

Favourite choices include corned silverside and corned girella/ eye of silverside

Traditional Corned Beef

Corned silverside with mustard pumpkin sauce

Corned beef in ginger beer

A rolled beef brisket is transform to meltingly tender.

Pot au feu

Lamb shanks make a rich flavoursome broth.

Lamb and bean soup

Buying tips

  • Secondary (the cheaper cuts) of beef and lamb are good to simmer as they tend to be more flavoursome than some other cuts.
  • Use whole pieces such as lamb shanks, shoulder or rolled brisket. Look at European recipes for ideas on ways to use these simmered cuts.
  • Not sure which cut to choose? Check out How to match red meat cuts with best cooking methods

Tips & Techniques

The best pot for the job

A heavy-based pot gives an even heat and allows the liquid to simmer gently. A tall stockpot is a good choice as it slows evaporation and allows the meat to be totally submersed in the water. The capacity should be about 8 litres. 

The how to of simmering

  1. Use a heavy-based pot large enough to submerse the meat in the water. Start with cold water.
  2. When the meat begins simmering greyish foam appears over the surface of the liquid, use a spoon or ladle to skim this off the surface.
  3. Once the foam has been removed, add the herbs and carrot, celery and onion. These will delicately flavour the meat.
  4. Keep the heat at simmering point; small bubbles will occasionally rise to the surface. Adjust the heat throughout the cooking time.

Simmer don’t boil

You will probably need to regulate the heat to achieve just the right level of activity during the cooking time. It’s important the meat does not boil; this will make it stringy and dry.

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