Thai curry recipes

Great Thai curry recipes

Butcher Advice

Best cuts for Thai curry recipes

Chuck or boneless shin/gravy beef takes about 2-2½ hours of slow simmering, resulting in rich, tender beef.

Thai beef stew

Thai beef and sweet potato curry 

Beef stir-fry strips make for a quick curry. Ensure the beef simmers gently when it is returned to the curry sauce.

Quick massaman beef curry

Beef and pumpkin curry

Lamb shanks are meaty and succulent, perfect for a slow simmered curry.

Braised lamb shanks with Thai red curry sauce

Goat leg and leg cuts (shanks) are very flavoursome. Have the butcher cut the goatmeat into 2cm cubes.

Goat massaman curry

Thai style red curry goat

Buying tips

  1. When you are using diced meat for a slow simmered Thai curry ask the butcher to cut it into 2cm cubes to give the curry consistency in texture and flavour.
  2. Beef and lamb stir-fry strips are great options for a fast, stir-fry style curry.

Tips & Techniques

Release the flavour from a Thai curry paste

  1. Cook the curry paste in a little oil over a medium to low heat, to allow its flavours to fully develop.
  2. Add the ginger, garlic and onions at this stage as well, so they too can gently cook.

Essential steps for a slow cook curry

  1. Coat the meat with oil rather than adding oil to the pan so the meat browns well.
  2. Brown the meat in small batches. Keep the heat at medium-high. Remove meat from pan, add the liquid and bring liquid to the boil.
  3. Reduce the heat to low, so the liquid is at simmering point before returning the browned meat to the pan.
  4. Check that the dish simmers gently during cooking. Stir occasionally and adjust the heat if needed.

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