Veal recipes

Top veal recipes

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Best cuts for veal recipes

Veal schnitzel is especially tender, and delicious when crumbed or quickly pan-fried.

Veal pizzaiola

Veal with a creamy lemon sauce

A veal rack makes a very impressive roast, perfect for entertaining

Roast veal and Mediterranean style roast vegetables

Rack of veal with rosemary and mustard crust

Osso bucco is traditionally veal, however beef osso bucco is also widely available, veal pieces are generally smaller and mild in flavour.

Osso bucco

Veal with anchovies and capers

Veal mince is tasty when seasoned and made into meatballs, meatloaf or rissoles.

A deliciously good meatloaf

Italian style baked meatballs

Buying tips for veal

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Tips & Techniques

Top tips for veal recipes

  • Veal is a fine-textured meat, yet as a rule it doesn’t need any special handling, in fact it’s easy to cook. Prepare and cook veal cuts in much the same way as you do beef.
  • Veal is naturally lean, so take care not to overcook it. Take it from the heat just a few minutes short of its doneness goal. As it rests it will continue to cook and be just perfect when you serve it.
  • Baste veal cutlets or medallions when you’re barbecuing or char-grilling them to stop them drying out. Use a mix of olive oil, herbs and lemon juice.
  • Slow-simmer the less expensive veal cuts like osso bucco, shoulder, neck, knuckle for moist, tender results.

Veal recipe tips

Crumbed veal schnitzel is a favourite with everyone. Use a mix of fresh and dried breadcrumbs to coat your veal, keep the proportion at half dried breadcrumbs, half-fresh.

Another tasty idea is to combine dried breadcrumbs with a 200g packet of seasoned stuffing mix. It works a treat!

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